Beginner’s guide to starting a blog

Hey there,

I hope you’re doing well.

Quarantine might have made you want to try many news things. Be it cooking, baking, knitting, playing indoor games, calligraphy, taking up a course etc. But I’ve come across many beautiful writers who want to try blogging. If you’re still not sure and have second thoughts about starting a blog, maybe this post helps you to finally make a decision. Here’s to future blogger!🥂

I have zero technical experience, can I start blogging?

Can we start walking at the moment when we are born on? The attempt is a must to succeed in everything.

Steps to start a Blog

1.Select the Blog name

Keep your Blog name short, simple and attractive.

2.Decide what you’re going to blog about

You can start with a topic you most like to discuss. I can introduce it as the “Blog Niche”. In general speaking, the blog niche is a specific topic of your blog. Such as Food, Travel, Tech, Health, Beauty or something similar you mostly love to write.

Choose a blogging platform

If you want to start a blog, you need a blogging platform. I use WordPress. You can download from Google Play Store or from Apple app Store c

You can use blogspot as well. But wordpress is easy to use and comes with lots of advantages.

Pick a good hosting

U need hosting to hand over your blog posts to your readers.

The blogging platform (WordPress) will manage all the words, blog posts, images, videos, and everything on your blog. 

Hosting will power up and makes your blog alive and accessible on the internet by providing a space for the blog. 

The best recommendation is to get WordPress + Hosting from Bluehost. That’s the super perfect way for beginners! You can skip this if you don’t want to invest.

Get started with WordPress

Once everything has done, you can start building your WordPress blog as you want.

Customize your blog and launch it!

Select the theme you want. Write bang on content & there you go to conquer the world with your words.

Some tips to make your blog more interesting.

Add pictures

With the 2-3 blogs that I’ve written so far,I’ve seen people usually get attracted to pictures and that’s the first thing they see. So add eye catchy pictures after each topic or in the beginning. ( You’ll thank me later)

Add quotes

Do we ever get enough of quotes?

Add videos

I haven’t added videos so far. But I’m looking forward to add videos in blog.

I hope this blog helps you, start your very own blog. Remember it’s okay to be bad at something new. You might make mistakes, you might fall a 99 times but stand up and shine on 100th attempt. If you have been thinking to make blog of your own but didn’t have courage or time to do it before don’t waste more time. Grab pen/pencil and write. Let your words conquer the world.

Spread love stay safe

Tashistic ✨

Corona Virus

Hello there,
By now you might be aware of Coronavirus, what it is and what are precautionary measures that should be taken.
So without getting deep into it. I could like to say, ” The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus”
-Clean your hands often.
-Avoid close contact.
-Stay home if you’re sick
-Clean and disinfect

You can also read this advisory by WHO.

I was going through all the stories and posts regarding coronavirus and realised it’s creating panic among people. I urge you not to panic and stay safe at home. Here is some positivity amidst the fear.

Much needed break

This tiny virus has given all of us a much-needed break. A break from all the chaos. A break from busy and hectic schedules. A break from running here and there. A break to experience, appreciate and love yourself. A break to give your soul what it needs.

Gift of time 🎁

Coronavirus is giving you time to reflect upon yourself. It’s giving you time to look at yourself peacefully in the mirror. It’s giving you time to have breakfast slowly. It’s giving you time to enjoy evening snacks with family. It’s giving you time to talk with your family. It’s giving you time to cook with your mother/wife. It’s giving you time to watch TV with your father/husband. It’s giving you time to play with your siblings/children. It’s giving you time to enjoy with your family and make your bond stronger with them.

Now you have time to read the book which you always wanted to read. You’ve time to watch the YouTube/Netflix series that you wanted to watch. You’ve time to draw and paint, to make the bullet journal, time to write a blog, time to study that chapter which you left behind, time to complete pending work. You’ve time to do the DIY you wanted to do, you’ve time to bake cookies and cake. You’ve time to plant a sapling in your backyard and time to do things which you were not able to do due to hectic schedule. Most of all, you’ve got time to get your beauty sleep and pamper yourself.

Coronavirus has given much-needed time to reflect upon your wants and desires, upon qualities that you possess, upon the skill you’re good at, upon the relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

Source:- Pinterest.

“This too shall pass”

So slow down.
Don’t panic and make most of this phase of life.
Spread love,
Tashistic ❣

It all starts with you…

Everyone wants to be unique but the world around you is doing it’s best day and night to make you just everybody else.
Whether you want to be you or everybody else?

Hi there special person,
I hope this blog makes you realise how special you are and most importantly how your uniqueness makes you irreplaceable.

In this culture of show business, bling, comparison, the culture of social media gratification. You’re gonna get pinned those deep wounds of “am I enough?” plenty of time. You gonna see all these people showing you a highlight reel of the lives they want you to think they’re living. Most of it is an illusion. But that might have a huge impact on you. So we need to build a wall of tranquillity that cannot be disrupted when you go out into the world of social media and comparison.

You have to be strong in your skin, strong in your luminosity, strong in relationship with who you are, that nothing in the world can diminish your energy or make you feel that you are not enough.

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are”

What’s so special about you?

There are 7.5 billion people on the earth and out of that vast number, there is only one YOU. There was never anyone like you, there is no one like you and there will never be anyone who is just like you on this planet.

No one looks exactly the same as you. No one has the same body build as you. No one has the same fingertips as you. No one talks the way you do. No one walks the way you do. No one smiles and laughs the way you do. No one has the same hopes and dreams as you. No one had the same sufferings as you. No one has the potential that you have. No one thinks exactly the same as you.
There is no one quite like you”
Isn’t that something very special about you?

Who you are not?

You’re not your past. You’re not your weakness. You’re not your false beliefs. You’re not your hatred. You’re not your insecurity. You’re not your sorrows. You’re not your sufferings. You’re not your fears. You’re not how many likes you get. You’re not how many followers you have. You’re not what others think of you. You’re not the labels people put on you. You’re not what you feel about yourself when you’re depressed.

One day I woke up and realized I was not made for anyone. I was made for me. I am my own – unknown

Who you are?

You’ve come this far in life and it might not be easy. You’re not a victim you’re a leader. You’re the hero of your life. You have this goodness within you. You’ve great power within you. You have the potential to do great things in your life. You have the power to make an impact on people. Although there’s always a room for improvement, you’re a complete individual. You’ve so much to offer.

You are someone I am proud of. You are someone we all are proud of.

NOTE :- Loving yourself does not mean you have the freedom to do anything you want. It is not like I’ll live my life on my own terms and conditions. Nobody can tell me anything. I know everything. I’m doing everything right. It’s not about belittling, criticizing others to make ourselves feel special. It is about honouring our uniqueness along with honouring the uniqueness of others.
Yes, you are unique and special but the people around you are unique and special as well. You’re to be loved and so are others. (:

I hope this blog is helpful to you.
I’ll see you in the next blog.
Spread Love,
Tashistic. ❣

Welcome to Tashistic

Hey there creative unicorn, welcome to Tashistic. So happy you’ve stumbled across the little corner of the internet.

If you’ve clicked around, you might be wondering what this blog is all about.

Glad you asked (:

In a nutshell, Tashistic is a positive and encouraging space for busy people, regardless of your role in life, whether you’re student or worker, containing short, snappy blogs about Food, health, beauty and lifestyle.

About me :-
It’s me Rabiya Tashfeen. I’m part time Cognitive behavioural therapist and full time medical student based in Aurangabad, India.

Why did I name it Tashistic?

In the world full of people who wants to be someone else, the best thing you can do is, be yourself.
– istic: “of relating to” or “characteristics of”.
Tashi is my nickname and tashistic is “characteristics of Tashi” or “relating to Tashi”.

Why I’m writing a blog?

– Well, I love reading blogs about blogging and I’ve done that for years. Studies kept me away from writing a blog but now I couldn’t stop myself and here I am, writing my first ever blog .

– With anything I publish on Tashistic, I aim at making your journey of health, food, fashion and lifestyle easier.

–  You can use this blog as a personal guide with the advice, tips, ideas and opinion you’ll find on how to get 1% better everyday, by changing our way of thinking, giving up some habits and picking up new ones.

– You’ll often hear me talk about the books I read, the podcasts I’ve heard, the recipes I’ve tried,  lifestyles of famous people around the globe and beauty tips.

So excited to connect with you all.